Discover what guides Culture for seniors!

Working with the community, this project aims to improve the health and well-being of seniors by encouraging social participation and inclusion through arts and culture.

group of artists and seniors.

Our approach: a collective impact

To break the social isolation of seniors on our territory, Culture for seniors adopts a collective impact approach—an innovative model that relies on collaboration. To achieve long-lasting change, this approach unites several organizations and stakeholders around a common issue.
Together, we go farther!

Our challenge: reduce social isolation

Research shows that social isolation is a phenomenon that has adverse consequences on both the physical and mental well-being of seniors.

People on a balcony - distancing
People on a balcony - distancing

Our strategy: promote social participation

Social participation is a key determinant of health and promotes active aging in seniors. With this in mind, Culture for seniors organizes and supports activities that encourage the social inclusion of seniors.

Our leverage: cultural mediation

Cultural mediation is an approach through which social participation in artistic and cultural activities allows individuals to build relationships and break the isolation. Culture for seniors has adapted this approach to its ethical values and principles.
Cultural mediation

Our values